Kathryn J Leeman

Location: Los Angeles, CA




Philosophy & Transpersonal Psychology, PhD
Radio Talk Show Host
Holistic Life Style Consultant 

Nutritional Consultant
Hypnotist; Dream Analysis 

Meditation Teacher
Psychic & Metaphysical Consultant

Haunted House Clearings
Trained Medicine Woman

Farming; Midwife; Horseback Riding, Softball

Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano

Dialect: New England


and a vast array of international life experiences


Do Not Disturb Margaret    Wife                        Dir. Jon James Smith


Between Shadows             Mother                    Dir Kimberly Contreras


21 Outs                              Doctor                     Dir. Guillermo Iv


Blessed Our Father           Aunt                         Dir. Brandon Kapelow


Champagne Powder          School Principal      Mariana Mendez 

2010 - present
2010 - present

Bill Coelius                      Commerial                                   Actors Key West

Vanessa Spencer           Scene Study Intensive                 Sheila Jaffe Casting       

Lindsay Wagner              Scene Study - On Camera          San Bernardino Valley College 

John Coppola                  Film/TV                                        Studio C Artists                                 

David Dean Bottrell         Film Study/On Camera                Hollywood Productions

Sean Hogan                    Improvisation                               Groundlings
Martin Thompson            Stage to Screen                           The Director’s Playhouse 

David Vincent                  Advanced Voiceover                    The Director’s Playhouse 

Michael Sonntag              Film & TV                                     Studio C Artists



Training & Workshops


Discovery ID (Vicious Voyer)     Jennifer            Dir. David Hogan

The Science of Ghosts              Co-Host            Rebecca Hu


The Looking Glass           Abused Wife           Torrey Mercer/I-95 Pictures 

A Dolls House                   Lead - Laura           Martin Thompson 



The Help                            Mrs. Walters            Studio C 

Agnes of God                     Martha                     Studio C

LA Film Festival Award 2015 

Best Narrative Short